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Dr. Robert Melamede, PhD, explains the truth about how critical cannabis is to human health. The lies you have been told should make you angry. Loved ones you have lost to preventable and curable cancers and other illnesses deserved better.  We deserve better - and so our children and generations to come. The depraved powers that be who keep live-saving cannabis medicine from the masses must be held to account and punished for their unspeakable and horrific crimes. Profit and Corporate-driven human misery will not end until WE, the people make it so.

Please take some time out from your busy lives, and share this information - use the internet, e-mail, social media, face-to-face conversations, special events, groups, organizations and any means that you can to get this story told.  I have lost 3/4 of my grandparents to cancer, and it wasn't until my father was nearly killed by our so-called 'traditional' cancer treatments that I learned of this natural and safe cure and prevention.  I have devoted my life to getting this story told, and with your help, we, together will overcome the lies and live free, natural and healthy lives.  

Jason J. Bowman  

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“The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men”. 

- Plato

Whereas We, the many Free-thinking and Peace-loving People of these Lands on this Earth have elected, of our own Free Wills, to unite and stand against plagues of War, Injustice, Corruption, Greed, Tyrrany, Oppression, and Untruths perpetually cast upon Us by few;

And whereas We shall no longer tolerate the perversions of our collective systems of Governance and Justice by Tyrants and their agents of deceit, We adhere to the following mutual principles of civil Humanity:

Keeping with our inherent moralities, We demand our Freedom and Justice for us One and All.

Even as we are threatened and intimidated, tempted, bribed and coerced, We shall not succumb to apathy or willful blindness. 


Too many have already been senselessly killed; in the name of so-called 'security'; We refuse to condone or support in any way, preemptive wars and occupation under any circumstances, and shall take Pity on, but shun those do.

How long must peace-loving People be perversely manipulated to bear arms against and destroy one and other?  Humans' inherent desire is Peace - those who do are warmongers are atypical and unfit for civil society - moreover, they are absolutely unfit to govern or lead.

Each Man, Woman and Child on this Earth are Sister and Brother - We will no longer be divided by that which makes Us different, but united by that which We hold in common as Brethren.


For centuries, wars have been waged and blood spilled for freedom, yet after so much carnage we have less freedom today than did our forebearers.     

Using all means necessary and available, We the People will see sent into government, not option 'A' or 'B' (more of the same) - but candidates who are independent of organized affiliation and corruption, and who will be accountable to the electorate, and not to the oligarchies we despise and will call out from this day forth.

Christians, Agnostics, Atheists, Jews, Spirituals, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, or members of any other Faith or Creed will no longer subscribe to propaganda and organized teachings which are contrary to common good and teachings we all know to be right; we will celebrate which we share - an aversion to evil and love for all things good. 

Keeping to these Fundamentals, which we hold to be true, We the People shall resist with Civil Disobedience, tyranny and injustice in all of its ugly forms and will expose such abominations in order that they be known to all good people and no longer kept hidden.


Until there is Justice for all - We shall not expect Peace.

Peace and free living are rights for All to share.

"If American democracy ceases to move forward as a living force, seeking day and night by peaceful means to better the lot of our citizens, fascism will grow in strength in our land."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt (November 4, 1938)

See the Truth About Cannabis For Yourself:  
The Science is IN.  Click on the results to link to study abstracts.

Cannabis Clinical Studies and Case Reports
From 1970 - Present
(Source: Int'l Association for Cannaabinoid Medicines)

After viewing these hundreds of scientific research reports, two critial facts emerge: 1. Cannabis, and its many healing compounds are safe and effective medicines for humans; and, 2. Not a single death or harmful physical side-effect is attributed cannabis use to-date.

Cannabis is effective, non-toxic, harmless & safe.

Cannabis Solutions:

"Cannabis hemp will displace petrochemical & pharmaceutical corporations that dominate our politics today, and decentralize wealth at a time of growing technological advancement." 

Cannabis hemp seeds are the healthiest, and yield the most volume of protein and oil on Earth!

Hemp proteins and oil are rich in the essential fatty acids (EFAs) that our brains and cardiovascular systems need (Omega 3, 6 & 9) in the perfect ratio for optimal human health.

Hemp protein has all 8 amino acids, again, in just the right balance to meet humans' nutritional needs.

Per acre, according to a study published in the Notre Dame University journal, The American Midland Naturalist, wild hemp here in the USA produces 8,500 pounds of seed per acre. The study is called: An Ecological Study of Naturalized Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in East-Central Illinois, by Alan Haney and Benjamin B. Kutscheid at the University of Indiana at Urbana, Department of Biology.

After you press the seeds, you get over 300 gallons of oil and 6,000 pounds of high protein hemp meal. That is 6 barrels of oil, which is extremely healthy while fresh, and 3 tons of food per acre. This is three times more productive than the next most productive seed oil crops, soybeans, sunflower seeds and canola, which produce 100 to 115 gallons of oil per acre.  - Paul Stanford

Heroes of Freedom and Civil Disobedience


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Cannabis Headlines

Outrage of the day:

Vancouver, BC
Closed-circuit TV released captures Vancouver Police Goon Shove 'Sandy', a tiny  
Disabled woman (with cerebral palsy) to the ground in in the Downtown Eastside

"He has no right."
- 'Sandy' (victim of assault)

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